Thursday, May 17, 2012

SEO Marketing - Professional Writing Sample

Below is an example of an informational article written for SEO purposes.
The 600 word article was completed in 12 to 14 minutes with little to no research involved.

When a user performs a search on Google, or another popular search engine, he or she will be presented with a long list of links from across the internet that match the query terms. These searches are generally completed within less than a tenth of a second, which allows the user to access the information that he or she is looking for almost instantly. The only way that the search engines are able to present information this quickly is by previously indexing all the websites in their database.

This indexing process requires that the search engine's crawling software to continuously find new websites, update their current cache of web pages for new information, and categorize all websites appropriately based on their keywords, structure, and other basic information. The way that search engines like Google find and rank websites is very important for a business owner to understand today, especially if he or she wishes to grow the business through various internet marketing efforts, such as the SEO partnership. This is because currently, the most common way for a user to find a new website is by going through a search engine. 

In fact, according to Nielsen, the leading research agent on consumer activity, search engines account for about 65% of all incoming traffic for e-commerce websites. Although the same statistics may vary slightly for websites that are not classified as e-commerce, the retail business owner can still learn from this finding. With an SEO partnership, the business owner can harness the popularity of search engines, using these websites to divert a large amount of traffic to his or her page. SEO is a form of internet marketing that stands for Search Engine Optimization. When performed by an experienced and professional internet marketing agency, SEO will essentially elevate the rankings of a certain website in Google's search results, as well as other search engines. 

Because the traffic that Google diverts to different websites will vary on the search terms entered by the individual user, the SEO partnership team must evaluate the keywords and phrases that best represent the business owner's website. However, this process is not as straightforward as choosing the "best" matching keywords, because there is often a high level of competition for these phrases. Rather, the internet marketing team must choose keyword phrases that are likely to get the business owner's website ranked on the first page of search results. Sometimes, this may require that the internet marketing team choose keywords that are not as popular with the average user.

In order to better understand this concept and how an SEO partnership is an integral part of a successful business strategy today, it will be necessary to review an example. If a business owner that specializes in mobile dog grooming services in the Salt Lake City, Utah area seeks SEO services, the internet marketing team will begin the process by performing advanced keyword research. During this process, the marketing team will see how many searches are performed locally for the keywords and phrases that relate to mobile dog grooming. The most popular search term will likely be "dog grooming Utah," or perhaps "dog grooming Salt Lake City." 

However, the marketing team will likely find that there is a very high rate of competition for these search terms. This means that while the terms are very popular choices for users in the local area, there are also many other business owners that will be competing for these keywords. As a result, the small business owner will likely be able to rank on the first page of Google by using the keywords that are of medium competition and popularity. When the SEO services are completed, the business owner will see a great increase in his or her online traffic, conversion rates, and earning potential.

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