Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freelance Writing - Professional Writing Sample

Below is an example of an informational article written for SEO purposes.
The 600 word article was completed in 12 to 14 minutes.

The worldwide marketplace today offers an individual many opportunities to get paid to write. For instance, a writer can now choose from a regular salaried position, with a typical forty hour work week schedule, or a home based business, where the writer can compose blogs and articles. When browsing the internet, it is difficult to see how the writer can actually earn a steady living by writing casual blogs and articles, like those which are mostly read by friends and family members. This is because blogs can either be written for pure entertainment value, such as those who keep their own personal blog to communicate with loved ones who live far away, or for internet marketing value, such as for those business owners who need to increase their website's ranking in Google.

In internet marketing, the more keyword-based content that is being directed to a certain website through hyperlinked text, the higher that website's search engine rankings will be. Therefore, the online business owner will contact a professional internet marketing service like Writer's Domain to create a large amount of content on the business owner’s behalf. When the marketing is completed, the business owner will notice a large increase in the amount of traffic being diverted to his or her website through search engines! In order to get paid to write these types of articles, the writer will need to apply for an open position at Writer's Domain. During the application process, the writer will be asked to write a sample blog or article on a random keyword or phrase.

For instance, the writer may be asked to write two hundred words on the phrase "city living Tulsa, OK." Although this keyword phrase is not grammatically correct, the writer should not change the sentence to "city living in Tulsa, OK," as this will greatly diminish the internet marketing value of the phrase. As of today, an article will only increase the keyword rankings of a website if the keywords and phrases match the search engine queries word-for-word. Because many consumers in the vicinity of Tulsa, OK will use the phrase "city living Tulsa, OK," rather than the grammatically correct phrase, the content must include this exact phrase if it is to be beneficial for the client of Writer's Domain. In order to get paid to write from home with Writer's Domain, the writer will need to include the exact phrase given in their sample writing test within the title of the article.

Each article or blog written for Writer's Domain should have its own unique title, which means that the writer will need to include a few words before or after the keyword that they are given to write about. For instance, the writer can create the title "Learning About City Living Tulsa, OK" when writing about that keyword phrase. Then, when composing the blog or article, the writer should also include the exact keyword phrase at least two times in the body of the text. Because the phrase is grammatically awkward, many beginning writers can have difficulty inserting the required keyword into their writing. However, in order to get paid to write from home today, the writer will need to overcome this challenge quickly! It can be helpful to think of the phrase in its grammatically correct context when writing a keyword-based article like this. Then, when the writer wishes to enter in their keyword phrase, the sentence will still flow naturally. After the writer is approved by the Writer's Domain staff, he or she will begin to earn a steady income by writing informational articles from home!

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