Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Internet Marketing Services - Professional Writing Sample

Below is an example of an informational article written for SEO purposes.
The 600 word article was completed in 12 to 14 minutes.

In order for a retailer or service provider to earn a living from e-commerce sales, he or she will need to proactively market the website or online shop to consumers. If the business owner simply waited for consumers to find the company's website through various means, the business owner will find that the traffic ratings of the website will be dismally low. In fact, it is nearly impossible for a business owner to sell products or services through an e-commerce website without either hiring an internet marketing service provider or performing internet marketing tasks on his or her own time. 

While many small online business owners who are greatly concerned about the costs of running their company will attempt to market their own e-commerce site in order to save money, it has been found to be much more cost-effective to purchase internet marketing packages from a professional internet marketing agent. The professional marketing agent has a great deal of experience in driving high-quality traffic to an e-commerce website through internet marketing methods like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing, which is also called pay per click advertising.

Because a team of professional internet marketing agents  has had many years of experience, the time they spend marketing the online business owner's website will be very productive. However, if an online business owner attempted to market his or her e-commerce site without the help of an internet marketing company, he or she is unlikely to see results from this time spent. By placing a very small percentage of their monthly budget towards internet marketing services offered by a service provider, on the other hand, small online business owners will find that this investment will be returned through an increase in their incoming traffic, increased conversion rates, and greater sales revenue. 

When considering how the conversion rate of an e-commerce website can be a great indicator of the website's overall success, small business owners will find that internet marketing methods like search engine optimization are almost essential for their company's success. The conversion rate of an e-commerce website today can be measured by using any number of free web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. These websites allow e-commerce business owners to have data collected about how many visitors are finding their website, where these visitors are located, and the website's greatest sources of incoming traffic.

In order to find the conversion rate for a certain e-commerce website, the online business owner will need to find the number of total sales made on the website during a given month. Then, the business owner will divide this number by the total number of individuals who visited the website during that same time period. For instance, if the total sales data for an e-commerce website during the month of April was 137 and the total number of visitors was 2,740, the conversion rate of the website during that time was exactly 5%. 

In general, a conversion rate of 4% or more is not possible without the help of an internet marketing service provider. Without internet marketing campaigns being put in place with the goal of making the e-commerce website more accessible to the consumers who are most likely to make a purchase on that site, the online business owner will see a conversion rate of less than 1%. When this dismal figure is combined with the low traffic ratings, the business owner will be further convinced of the value of internet marketing services.

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