Thursday, May 17, 2012

Health Professionals - Professional Writing Sample

Below is an example of an informational article written for SEO purposes.
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For every professional working in the medical community, it can be difficult to establish a treatment plan that balances the needs of the patient with his or her financial concerns, personal situation, and individual health profile. While most medical doctors or  C—  dentists will learn in their respective schooling programs and training sessions that their foremost responsibility is to advise and treat a patient in a way that will address the health problem without causing undue harm to the patient in other ways, it will become clear through experience that each patient will also rely on his or her medical doctor or dentist to deliver advice that may extend beyond the realm of health. For instance, when a patient makes an appointment with a dentist due to an extremely painful tooth, the problem area will be x-rayed and the dentist will make a diagnosis. 

If the dentist tells the patient that the only way to ease the dental pain is through an endodontic procedure that is quite expensive, the patient may have difficulty paying for the procedure with his or her meager finances and lack of dental insurance. In response to this information, the dentist will be expected to advise the patient on how to decrease the costs of the necessary dental treatment, even if it may go against the best dental treatment option for the patient. For example, in addition to the endodontic treatment option for the painful molar, the dentist may also extract the tooth completely for a fraction of the cost, which will eliminate the patient's pain. However, in general,  C—  dentists will attempt to avoid extracting a tooth when the tooth can be treated and saved through an endodontic procedure. 

This is because the patient may experience other dental issues in the future if the tooth is extracted, rather than healed with a root canal. Once the tooth is extracted, the other teeth surrounding the open space will begin to fill this gap. This can result in a crowding of the teeth in other areas of the mouth, which can be painful and unpleasing to the eye, as it may change the way that the front teeth align. However, C— dentists may still suggest this option to a patient without financial means to pay for a root canal procedure in order to accomplish the primary goal of that patient's visit: to eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with an extremely infected tooth. From this analysis of a dental visit, it is easy to see how  C—  dentists will often balance their expert opinion of a preferred treatment plan or solution with the individual needs and circumstances of a particular patient.

However, it is also clear to see how the costs of medical and dental services can decrease the kind of care that a doctor or dentist is able to deliver to his or her patients. One solution to the problem of cost is to install a universal healthcare system, which would cover all citizens of a certain nation and offer free health visits, procedures, and medications. However, there are many who object to this option in the United States, as it would not work seamlessly with other aspects of the national economic system. This is why many dentists in the United States have begun offering special treatment options and clinics for those individuals who are uninsured or are unable to pay for certain services. These discount services will often be subsidized by state health programs that cater to low-income families. With these programs, even patients without insurance or financial means can receive medical and dental treatment.

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